Colorful Trafic Lights



The latest project of the German photographer Lucas Zimmerman is called traffic lights and is about his own artistic view on the subject.  Through a play of colorful lights in a foggy night the artist takes an apparently boring subject and turns it into a piece of art. The images were taken near Weimar in Germany. Lucas Zimmerman has been a professional photographer since 2009, and last year he held his first exhibition in Beijing.

Text: Ioanna Karagiorgou

traffic-lights-in-the-fog-by-lucas-zimmerman-2-600x399 traffic-lights-in-the-fog-by-lucas-zimmerman-3-600x400 traffic-lights-in-the-fog-by-lucas-zimmerman-4-600x399 traffic-lights-in-the-fog-by-lucas-zimmerman-5-600x399