Dedicated to all those who work in the ad business!


Living a hectic, stressful and wearing life is part of you. It won’t go away, all you can do is treat it in a humorous way. That’s probably what Union people thought (a canadian creative agency) for making this sarcastic video about the ad business. And that’s not the first time such a video was created. The past few months, three more spots were released concerning the same subject. And that’s why sarcastic videos about the ad business might be the new hit among creative agencies.

As Union explains on its website:

“This business of advertising isn’t easy. There are people who put their blood, sweat and tears into the campaigns they produce. That’s why, when an agency like Union gets shortlisted for Strategy’s Agency of the Year awards, the painstaking time and effort that goes into the creative product is worth celebrating. And the shop knew just what gift to give its staffers for a job well done.”

Here comes the video:

All three similar videos can be found here:

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Source: ADWEEK