Electronic Cigarette is even More Carcinogenic than Polluted Air!

e smoking

The e-cigarette is a million times more dangerous than polluted air, according to a new research conducted by Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health, prompting an immediate ban worldwide. Don’t you think it’s time you “switched” it off?

It seems that lately the electronic cigarette does not cease to draw media attention. After we saw it explode in someone’s pocket at a gas station in Kentucky, a new study conducted by the Baptist University of Hong Kong confirms what we always feared, but was too early to conclude: that the e-cigarette is (also) extremely dangerous.

More specifically, the new research – that used 13 different types of electronic cigarettes, having compared the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) to those of the polluted air, it showed that in fact the e-cigarette is a million times more harmful… Moreover, it is directly associated with fertility problems because of the PBDEs that it contains.

While the World Health Organization hasn’t taken any formal position yet, China asks us to follow the example of the 16 countries in the world which have already banned it and to say NO to the electronic cigarette, once and for all.