Fashion Show On Board!


Fashion shos have taken place on an ice rink, in a supermarket, at the empty streets of New York, even next to the Great Wall of China. However, who would expect that a fashion show cold have been held in the past during a flight from Las Vegas?

A fashion show was conducted in 1957 inside an airplane, according to Life’s archives that saw the lights of publicity. The photo story is mainly about the vacations of a couple in Las Vegas and what this city has to offer to its visitors but, nevertheless, its highlight was nothing but the fashion show, that sealed the return flight! And yes, at that time jazz pianos existed on board..!

Unknown whether we are talking about designers’ clothes, but one thing is for sure: that even nowadays famous designers do not hesitate to book odd venues for their fashion show. Among them, Pierre Cardin (catwalk in the desert Gansu), Karl Lagerfeld (fashion show at the Great Wall of China for Fendi) and Moncler (booking Vigorelli velodrome and then asking the models to ride the bike, instead of catwalking!)

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