Freestyle: A photo project featuring Dogs captured in mid-air


This photo project which will mouth many smiles on your faces is called Freestyle and it is created by German photographer Julia Christe. We may have seen more dog projects, such as pitbulls wearing floral garlands, old dogs, wet dogs having their bath and natural expressed dogs without a particular concept, but this series combines gravity, with dog hair and beautiful, full of expression snouts, reflecting awkward moments and convoluted expressions of swinging dogs .

The project was commissioned for an animal pharmaceutical product. After the casting call, she turned into a massive 100 dogs -she was trying to find in vets and shelters the perfect “model”. Perhaps it sounds barbarian the fact that the dogs were in mid-air, in fact the dogs look like they have been propelled upward, they aren’t actually jumping.  In the shots of Freestyle, the dogs are actually in the process falling. Before any animal activist cries “foul!”, none of the dogs were harmed in the making of this collection. To create the windswept effect, a wind machine was used. No less than the owners themselves would ‘drop’ their own dogs from a very low height.

* Words by Kristel Liakou