How Clean Are The Expensive Hotels?


A research reveals the whole truth. And the answer is different from what you expected.

The travel site Travelmath collected 36 samples from nine different hotel rooms, ranging from three to five stars. Researchers focused on the bathroom sink, the remote control,  the desk and the phone of each room and the result was shocking. In fact, the laboratory results showed that the more expensive you pay for a room, the dirtier it might be. In other words, the affordable hotels are the cleanest ones.

More specifically, in three-star hotels, the washbasin, for instance, had 320,000 colony-forming units (CFUs) — the number of viable bacteria cells within a sample per square inch. That figure increased eight times in five-star rooms, where researchers found 1,011,670 CFU per square inch. The dirtiest spot in expensive hotel rooms is the remote control, with a whopping 2,002,300 CFU/sq. inch. Remotes in three-star rooms contain only 232,733 CFU/sq. inch.

Next time you are thinking of booking a hotel room, reconsider.