Madonna’s Tribute to Prince! (Video)


It was the most awaited moment of the Billboard awards 2016. And for the majority, the highlight of the evening, which took place in Las Vegas on Sunday, May 22nd.

When it was announced that Madonna was going to pay tribute to Prince at the upcoming Billboard Awards, everyone was on pins and needles.  Like a queen who respects herself, Madonna appeared on a throne wearing a purple costume – homage to “Purple Rain” – after a minute’s silence in the memory of the recently deceased artist and sang her own version of “Nothing compares to you”, a song that was originally written for Sinead O’ Connor. Then she welcomed Stevie Wonder on stage and together they sang “Purple Rain”, one of the best and most popular songs of Prince.

For the record, until 2011 Madonna’s relation with Prince was strained, with the latter considering the queen of pop to be the reason his collaboration with Warner had ended. Although they had a brief romance in 1985 –  Prince had actually written “Love Song” for Madonna’s album “Like a Prayer” in 1989, whose lyrics “Time goes by so quickly for those who wait … ” were reused on her song” Hung up ” sixteen years later,  it is said that the two of them did not get along until 2011, when Madonna was spotted at a concert of his.

Nevertheless, the online reaction to Madonna’s tribute was ambiguous, under the pretext that “it is difficult to touch the work of such a big artist.” Watch the video below, so that you can make up your own opinion.