Art & Design

The Girls of Today Through 12 Vibrant Illustrations


The girls depicted in Laura Callaghan’s work are just as stylish as her illustrations: they love colour, they love throwing parties, they are bored at work if they do not have one, they are too bored to bother. They are narcissistic, unbridled, explosive. Just like the girls of today.

Laura Callaghan is a young graphic designer from Ireland, who lives and works in London. She has collaborated with MTV, the Urban Outfitters, Nylon Magazine, while her work is entirely in hand, using watercolor, India ink and pen Isograph. In her illustrations, the female element is dominant and it is depicted in the most psychedelic and modern way possible. The girls of Laura Callaghan are trendy, they go to the gym and pose in front of the mirror, they burn their money and shoot with their mobile a female brawl unfolding before their eyes. In other words, they are the girls that we all love to hate and we all hate to love.