5 Movie Characters Who ‘d better “Come Out” in the Sequel!


What do a handsome spy, a snow queen and a sensitive goth girl have in common? They could all be “coming out of the closet” in the sequel of the film from which they derive!

Sometimes how a character is outlined in cinema is different (consciously from the writer) from the way they choose to express theirselves in the movie and therefore leave many possibilities open – especially concerning their sexuality – which are, nevertheless, never confirmed in the movie. We refer, of course, to the (imaginary) film heroes and not the actors who act them out and, therefore, as indicated at the end of the film, “any resemblance to persons, events or situations is entirely coincidental!” Here are five of them, whose sexuality is under OZON’s microscope:

#5. Becca in Bridesmaids 2


The gif says it all: Becca from the romantic comedy “Bridesmaids” (did not know that she) was flirting with Rita and the two of them must find a way to “get together” in the sequel of the film and make their dream come true!

#4. Lydia in “Beetlejuice 2”


It is one of the most anticipated sequels of all times, not only because its director is very good at sequels (remember “Batman Returns”?), but mainly because it will (hopefully) arrive about 30 years later! The good news about the sequel were announced by Winona Ryder herself. Don’t you think it is also about time Lydia started opening up more about herself?

#3. Elsa in “Frozen 2” 


We are not the only ones to say it. The whole Internet proclaims it: find a girl for Elsa. Especially Twitter, which has already started a movement to find a girl for the snow queen under the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend and from what it seems, it has been used more than 10 000 times!

#2. James Bond in the new “James Bond”


For so many years James Bond is portrayed as a charming, macho, heterosexual agent who has managed to seduce even his most sworn enemies … Or maybe not? There are so many gay references in James Bond films, that it won’t surprise us to see him experimenting sexually with men in a following movie. Suffice to remember the famous scene in “Skyfall” with James Bond tied to the chair, at the mercy of Raoul Silva, who touches his legs and says: “Well, first time for everything..” James Bond’s answer was actually an innuendo: “Who told you that this is my first time?” In fact, at some point rumours said that the next James Bond would be black and gay. Tom Hiddleston, who is supposed to be the new 007, may not be black, but he can definitely act out a gay character.

#1. Finn and Poe in “Star Wars: Episode VIII”


Director JJ Abrams set fire to the Internet, when he said the new Star Wars will include gay characters, empowering the rumors about the upcoming romance between Finn and Poe. Some edited videos of the romance already circulate online, which the director of the next Star Wars does not hesitate to share on his social media.