10 Things You Did Not Know About Helena Bonham-Carter

helena bonham carter

Ηelena Bonham-Carter is not the typical Hollywood actress. In a world, where women pose full of narcissism, the English actress is the exact opposite.

She loves eccentric roles, with whom she turns into one, each time. She has portrayed the Queen in “Alice in Wonderland, the blooded baker Mrs. Lovett in “Sweeney Todd”, sadistic Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter. But who is she actually?

#1. Her great-grandfather H.H. Asquith was the Prime Minister of Britain from 1908 until 1916, while the Baroness Jane Bonham-Carter is her first cousin.

#2. She never made it to King’s College, Cambridge University, since the school was afraid she would drop out to pursue acting.

#3. She has auditioned for Nancy Spungen’s role in Sid and Nancy, but Chloe Webb finally made the cut.

#4. The role f Marla Singer in Fight Club was inspired by Judy Garland’s latest years, while David Fincher would call her July while shooting.

#5. In 2006, she launched her own fashion line The Pantaloonies. She and her friend and swimwear designer Samantha Sage asked their clients about their favorite movies and which pair of jeans they would like to have customized, and they would eventually get their own customized pair of jeans.

#6. She is paying her mother, who is a psychotherapist, so as to give her advice on her roles.

#7. She staid in her parents’ place, so as to help her mother take care of her father. He was forced to use a wheelchair after an unsuccessful tumor surgery. He died in 2004, but she would study his movements for her role in the movie The Theory of Light,  in which she portrayed a woman suffering from the Lou Gehrig disease.

#8. She is a distant cousin of Kate Middleton.

#9. While filming Fight Club, she insisted on her make up artist using only her left arm, since Marla would not be the kind of person interested in the perfect make up, nether would she be capable of doing so.

#10. She wanted to be a Charlie’s Angel, while growing up.