In These Movies, Sex is 100%… Real!


The sex in the following movies happened for real! They are not porn films, of course, but famous films of the world cinema, known to everyone.

Usually the love scenes in movies are so nicely done, that they look real, even if they are not. Take “Nymphomaniac” by Lars Von Trier for example: the actors pretended to have sex with each other and then thanks to the black dotting method, their bodies were replaced by porn doubles, who actually had sex for the needs of the film.

Nevertheless, since there are exceptions that prove the rule – even in cinema, here is the list of the five films for which it is said that the sex scenes between the protagonists is nothing but real:

#5. 9 Songs – Michael Winterbottom

The release sparked a debate over whether the scenes of unsimulated sex artistically contributed to the film’s meaning or crossed the border into pornography. In the United Kingdom, the film received an 18 Certificate from the British Board of Film Classification and became the most explicit mainstream film to be so rated in the country. The title refers to the nine songs that accompany the film (by artists like Michael Nyman and Primal Scream), but don’t you think that this is irrelevant?

#4. Pink Flamingos – John Waters

The absolute trashy masterpiece of the cult director, John Waters, features a number of increasingly revolting scenes that centre on exhibitionism, voyeurism, sodomy, masturbation, gluttony, vomiting, rape, incest, murder and cannibalism. Ps. The scene of oral sex between Divine and her son Crackers happened for real (even though he is not actually her son!)

#3. Love – Gaspar Noe

What can we write about Gaspar Noe’s last film, which scandalised last year’s Cannes festival with the notorious 3D scene of ejaculation? The director himself claimed that “nearly every (male) actor I approached was willing to do it. Men are not ashamed to show their penis in full erection.” We just refuse to imagine what they were asked to do in their audition.

#2. Shortbus – John Cameron Mitchell

Threesomes, orgies, spanking, self eating cum, basically there is nothing missing from New York’s sexual life, which is exactly what is depicted in this independent American movie, a huge success in every country it was distributed. You can find a compilation of the best sex scenes of “Shortbus” in xvideos and then maybe you’ll understand why these scenes are actually real and not lifelike ..!

#1. In the realm of the senses – Nagisa Oshima

“Unique in the cinema as the expression of a total erotic passion”, “Leaps 15 years ahead of Last Tango”, “A love story more real than others” are just some of the reviews that accompany “In the real of the senses”. Spoiler alert: maybe she didn’t actually lead her partner to death (via erotic asphyxiation), nor did she actually cut his penis or put it in her bag, but most of the other things that occur in the film are nothing but true!