5 Celebrities You Could Find on Tinder!


They are all in favor of the most famous social dating app, while some of them have said publicly that they keep an account there. These are some of the celebrities that you could bump into, while you swipe Tinder. And who knows? They might be your lucky star!

#5. Britney Spears


The famous comedian and TV presenter Jimmy Fallon added her himself on Tinder in September 2014, after her separation from David Lucado. Now if she ever used it, we can’t tell for sure, so Britney is innocent (until proven otherwise.)

#4. Lilly Allen


Lily Allen might be married to a builder, but this doesn’t seem to prevent her from using Tinder. Actually, she twitted: “I just discovered Tinder!” Somebody should tell her that there is also 3nder (which currently faces a lawsuit from Tinder because of its name), where one can easily look for love triangles!

#3. Lindsay Lohan


And she is not the only family member who uses it. “Look whom I found on Tinder!”, Lindsay twitted and she did not mean other than … her brother! Why aren’t we surprised?

#2. Katy Perry


“I use Tinder so often that I don’t have time for anything else,” the famous singer said to a radio station. No comment.

#1. Leonardo Di Caprio Finally-When-He-Thanks-You-Lovely-Evening

According to sources, he swipes the app as Leonard, although he has neither reported a fake profile, nor has he denied any of these. Leonard, not everyone on Tinder is how you want them to be!