Finding Dory: Pixar’s First Movie to Feature a Lesbian Couple!

finding dory

A trailer for upcoming film Finding Dory has been released. And it seems as if a lesbian couple is featured in it.

The film is the sequel of one of Pixar‘s biggest hits, Finding Nemo of 2003, and it follows amnesiac fish Dory, in the search of her family. Dory is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, while it was the later’s show where the trailer first aired.

What stood out of it though, was the scene of 1.08, where an octopus has replaced a baby in iths babywheel. When the parents turn around, they appear to be two women. And as expected, social media could not let that drop down! Most thought of it in a really positive way, while there were others expressing either negative or neutral opinions.

Either way, Pixar set a milestone and we all hope this is not the sole example of it.

Watch the following trailer!