Papandriopoulos’s Snappy Cam to be exclusively featured on the upcoming I-phone.


The born in Melbourne John Papandriopoulos is the creator of the popular application SnappyCam that was acquired by Apple in order to be exlusively featured in the new upcoming I-phone. The application, defore being bought by Apple, was in the fist place of the paid apps in App Store and Play Store in 15 countries and among the top ten in 60 countries.

What has made SnappyCam so beloved by the photography enthusiasts all around the world is the fact that allows them to snap dozens of high resolution photos in a minute. In this way the user is able to select the best shot fast and easily. The easy operation of the app is also another advantage. Depending on the mobile’s model the application can snap up to 3.600 photographs per minute.

The 36-year-old Papandriopoulos studied in the University of Melbourne where he made his dissertation according to which the internet could be 200 times faster based on the then existing rates. 3 years ago, the intelligent John Papandriopoulos settled in the U.S.A  and particularly in Silicon Valley where he founded his company SnappyLabs.