Patient Turns her Visits to the Hospital into Photo shoots!


The idea belongs to Karolyn Gehrig, who decided to capture one commonly avowed unpleasant experience, that of the frequent visits to the hospital, and to transform it into art. With the hashtag #hospitalglam, it is time to see the hospital from a different perspective.

The artist Karolyn Gehrig suffers from a rare syndrome called Ehlers-Danlos (EDS), which is a genetic disorder of connective tissue that affects the skin, joints and blood vessels. Since she would devote some much time of her life to the hospital, she decided to use the cross she bears as a crutch: in other words, to turn the experience into artistic photo shoots, to introduce the hashtag #hospitalglam and to become viral. This hashtag represents an entire movement and encourages people to take selfies, posing with confidence, every time they are under treatment. Karolyn Gehrig said about this: “The hashtag #hospitalglam take the shame out of being in treatment.”

So negativity is turned into positivity, the same way that the sterile hospital environment becomes the perfect place for a photo shoot and the world, not only supports the idea, but bows down in front of such initiatives.