Seriously Now, Is the New Calvin Klein Ad, a Gay Propaganda?


It is investigated by the Russian authorities, after viewers’ complaints, whether the new ad for Calvin Klein’s ck2 scent is considered to be… gay propaganda! Watch it and find out what’s exactly the story.

The fact that since 2013 Russia has adopted a law against “anything that could push minors to engage into non-standard sexual relations, that may turn them away from the traditional concept of the Russian family” is pretty much known to everyone under the name ”gay propaganda” (no comments here because, as we said, we knew that already and, besides, the story is elsewhere.)

The news is that this advertising – which is investigated by the authorities to see if it violates the law and for which Calvin Klein may be fined up to 1 million rubles (about 12.680 euros) if found guilty – is so innocent, so “comme il faut”, that even though it contains couples of (almost) all sexual preferences, only straight couples are kissing on camera, clearly indicating that they are together!

How conservative is Russia of 2016? And how mainstream is Calvin Klein? The conclusion is yours.