Photographer Scans Brains and Reveals How People Want to Look


Photographer Scott Chasserot tests the idea that people have about the way the want to look, with his new project “Original Idea”. Through special electroencephalography headsets, he could have a better image of how the people, who posed for him, really want to look. Chassert photographed various people (includind artist Marina Abramovic) and then through the use of Photoshop he created different versions of themselves, each one slightly different for the other. He then asked his models to wear the headsets and watch each photoshoped photo of them. By that, technology revealed which photo they liked better and which not.

Even though the results were especially interesting, the photographer believes that there’s still room for improvement. “This method can’t give a permanent ideal self image, obviously. But it can start to raise questions about the visual culture we live in and how that affects self image.” he stated.