Pizza Hut Wants Lets your Subconscious Order for You!

Pizza Hut presents the “Subconscious Menu”. According to swedish company Tobii Technology and the world-wide food chain, there is an app, still in test mode for the UK only, that can find the ideal combination out of the 4,896 possible ones, out of the 20 most popular ingredients, only in 2,5 seconds.

How does this work? Tobii Technology specializes in eye-tracking technology and this is how the “Subconscious Menu” works. During this short period of time, the app checks how much time the customer’s eyes are focusing in each product, while they follow with their eyes Pizza Hut‘s logo.

The app has been tested by selected journalists and customers, and it has a 98% success score. For the rest 2%, who were not satisfied by their subconscious choice, they can use the application for the second time, or they can order their meal in the traditional way.

“We love to excite and innovate,” Kathryn Austin, Pizza Hut’s head of marketing, said in the press release. “This year we’ve redesigned restaurants up and down the country and launched a brand new menu with lots tasty new options. But we don’t just want to stop there.”

For the time being, the app is not available for purchase, but it is set to be available in 2015.