Public Apology for Bullying Twenty Years Later


A gang of boys badly beat a fifteen-year gay guy. Twenty years later, one of the four men, unable to find the unlucky Drew, delivers a lesson of life, publishing a letter to reddit and demanding a public apology.

“I am sorry to all of you out there who were harassed, bullied and beaten up for being different when you were young. It was not ever OK. Anyone who tries to downplay the trauma you experienced is a piece of shit like me. You did not deserve it.”

And To Drew: “Sweet Jesus, Drew, I am sorry. I am so, so, so fucking sorry. You never did a thing to deserve anything I or anyone else did to you. You aren’t the inhuman one, I am. There was never anything wrong with you, it was us. Nothing I could ever say or do could come close to in any way atoning for what I did. I’d grovel at your feet and you’d be right to spit on me. I will go to my grave with remorse, I am ashamed of myself beyond words. I don’t in any way ask for your forgiveness, I have no damned right. I desperately hope you are living a good life and can be happy. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Note that the rate of bullying in Greece ranges from 10-30%, while in America it reaches 77% …