Say What You Want With A True Eggplant Emoji!


Now you can send your anonymous message on an eggplant – the phallic symbol of emoji. And no, this is not a joke!

With the motto “100% phallic, 100% anonymous, 100% disturbing”, the online company Eggplant Mail can send via mail on your behalf an anonymous message to a person of your choice, on the famous emoji eggplant! Your message will be anonymous, up to 16 words long and it is a perfect way to say what you want without being a (direct) target. Although it is an English company, it provides its services worldwide, so whether you are looking for an original way to wish happy birthday or whether you want to say that you hold within you for a very long time, now you can do it for $10 on an.. eggplant! Don’t miss the chance!