Sushi Cats: From Japan with love!


These cute kitties, whose snouts are in posters, cards, accessories and many items, are coming from far Japan and the more you stare at them the more you want to make them yours. The company behind all this is Tange and Nakimushi Peanuts and as it claims, Sushi-Cats (Neko-Sushi) represent a very unusual life from whose origin is described analytically in this video, below:

There are academics who have dedicated their lives to study these creatures and some of them say that Neko-Sushi are using the black holes of the universe to come in contact with us. As their real world belongs light years away.

I know… you got many questions… and Neko-Sushi are here… to make you wanna ask more…

We know the rule of Sushi: Fish on top of rice. On the other hand, we know the rule “cats eat fish”.

But in this case… cats sit on rice, where fish is supposed to be. Why? Contradiction and mystery in this world is always the center of the cryptic questions among Japanese Zen monks. So, this is another Zen question that proves the magical power of Sushi Cats.

No cats were harmed in creating this content! All the shooting/filming of the cats was conducted under the guidance of professional animal handlers.

Text: Natasa Koumi