The Barbie Parody of the Volunteers’ Work in Africa!


Barbie, as another Savior of the Western World, comes to save Africa. Through the funniest account of Instagram.

The Barbiesavior Instagram account has 7.000 followers, even though it only counts five weeks. Created by two twenty – something year old girls, who had offered their service in the past in East Africa and therefore decided to show, via the most famous doll in the world, the other side of the same coin: the one that wants white Saviors to express a hypersensitivity through the selfies and photos they upload on the social networks, writing “how happy everybody is even though they’re so poor” and who never seem to specify exactly what country in Africa they actually visited (because, you know, Africa is a country),” the account’s creators ironically added.

To avoid misunderstandings, nobody intends to downgrade the work of volunteers in Africa. On the contrary, it is remarkable when it is done away from the spotlight and the social media hashtags. “If you’re offended by the account then you’d better be offended by the real accounts who actually display this behavior in all authenticity. That is the real offense.” they told Huffington Post. Well, we couldn’t agree more.