The Evolution of the Desk by Harvard Innovation Lab

Can you remember what your desktop was like during the 80s? It would be full of books, photos, pencils, calendars. Many years later, all we need is a laptop and a smartphone. Everything has been replaced by an app, a program. Even photos-memorabilia are now computer files.

These desktop changes are depicted in a great video by Harvard Innovation Lab, produced by Best Reviews, where one can see its gradual simplification up to its current status, where everything can be completed by two electronic devices.

“We wondered what it would be like to recreate the desktop from the 1980′s and then emulate its transformation through the computer age. We wanted to illustrate how technology has changed our world, un-cluttering our desks and simplifying our lives. while gradual change from year to year is often hard to perceive, a longer snapshot gives us a much more dramatic view of the technological progression we have experienced.” says the team.


the evolution of the desk by the harvard innovation lab from designboom on Vimeo.