The First Electronic Tattoo in the World!


This is a tattoo that you can easily manage from your smartphone: to choose or change its design according to your mood or even erase it, when circumstances require it. Well, this is not science fiction: the first electronic tattoo, based on hypodermic E ink technology will soon be available for sale!


Forget about e-cigarettes, which helped you to change your smoking habits. The first e-tattoo in the world is a fact – and no, it won’t hit the market to serve medical purposes. It is connected to your smartphone via bluetooth and except for looking beautiful on your body, it can synchronise all the necessary information from your mobile: the time, the date, the number of unread emails, the name of that song on your iTunes, even received calls for 30 seconds after receiving them. How is all this possible?


The procedure is similar to that of classic tattoos, with the only difference that in this case you “hit your skin” with microcapsules of electronic ink, creating a 4 to 6 – inch display on your forearm. However, whereas previously a dynamic image display required a constant current of electricity, E Ink comes to change things the way we know them, requiring energy only when the content of the display changes. Thus, we can create a screen on our skin, which displays information with very little use of energy.


The product will be sold as a surgical kit and can be implanted by any tattoo artist with basic medical knowledge.

Source: emergeinteractive