The First Selfie Statue is For Real!


[What kind of reactions has the first public selfie statue in the central square of a city of Texas triggered on the Internet?]

The bronze sculpture depicts two young women taking a selfie with their smart phone in front of the Town Hall of Sugar Land in Texas. They are elegantly dressed and they are smiling as the occasion requires. How artistic, however, can something like this be considered and what kind of reactions has it triggered online?

While for the city of Sugar Land (and for most cities in the world) taking a selfie  is an ordinary procedure,a sign of our times and the result of the technological development and the explosion of social media, it is unusual for it to take place in front of government buildings. Of course the Internet could not remain indifferent towards this initiative of the city council; a Twitter user called it “a proof our country has gone to hell.” Other people call it “ridiculous” and say that it makes them feel “sad” or “ashamed”.

Nevertheless, not everyone is upset, frustrated or angry about this sculpture. Some users found it funny, the thought that future archaeologists will discover it as a sign of our times. Also, many people take selfies in front of it and upload them on the social media with the hashtag #selfiestatue.

What do we have to add? Thanks God they avoided to add the selfie stick …