VIDEO: When Kanye West Attacked George Bush

kanye west

This is maybe the first time Kanye West talked about politics in public. It was 10 years ago, when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and it completely changed its landscape and the lives of its citizens. Even now, things have not totally gotten in the right pace and many people have left the city for good.

In this extract, presented by Complex, Mike Myers -or else Austin Powers- appeared with West on a news programme discussing the facts. Myers makes the opening and soon after that, it’s Kanye West who attacks the media, about how they portray black people, compared to the white ones, he is even criticizing himself for not stopping that and that he will be donating as much money as he can to help these people. And shortly before the speeches are over, Kanye West drops the bomb -as an omen to his presidential bid– “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”. And that was it.

Watch the video below.