Why Do Some Straight People Use Grindr?


Either because they lead a double life, or because they have found naked pictures on the mobile of their partner, one thing is certain: the most famous gay dating app might ultimately not be addressed only to gay people…

The story of Elizabeth might be shocking, but it is not uncommon at all; as she confessed to Mic, her own Grindr experience started, when she discovered nude photographs on her boyfriend’s cell phone. Although he had never expressed an interest in men before, it wasn’t hard for Elizabeth to make the connection with Grindr and as she was looking for answers, she decided to download the application on her phone, posting as a man. Immediately she asked the “near by” if they had slept with her boyfriend. Nobody admitted it, but she broke up with him anyway, because the damage was irreparable.

Since she had already made a circle on Grindr, when Elizabeth revealed that she was not a man, most of her contacts blocked her. Those who heard her story, however, not only did they accept her, but they ended up hanging out with her, proving that on Grindr, except for a quick one night stand, you may actually have a chance with friendship. Even if it is born under unusual circumstances.

Source: Mic