Annousa Mela – Unstoppable Inspiration

Unstoppable, imaginative and resourceful are only a few of her qualities. Anoussa Mela is a fashion journalist, blogger, business woman and a first class influencer but she says she worked too hard to restrict herself in any of these titles. She says “I don’t have just one profession and I don’t like to feel restricted.” She’s a proud supporter of the mix n’ match trend, along with her chic with a twist motto, which is something she often repeats whether it’s in her videos or in her actual space, called ANAMESA concept spot. “ANAMESA’s aim is to include everything about style and to offer a chance for style education. Here, aside enjoying a nice cup of coffee while shopping, you can find all about the international and Greek fashion scene and to explore new ways to feel confident style-wise or to be able to express yourself through style.”

On asking her why she chose the Syntagma area to set up the ANAMESA concept store, she says in a delirium of optimism: “It just felt right. I parked in front of the entrance door at Nikis 24 Str. and I realised instantly that there’s no need to check on any other properties. I love Athens, especially the city centre. There’s a great deal of energy everywhere. From Syntagma to Patission Str., and from Lycabettus hill to Plaka, it feels great.” In an attempt to sober her up a bit, we bring up the recession. Her answer is decisive: “I believe very much in the power and adaptability of people. We can achieve a great deal of things if we believe in what we do.” Anoussa is not just professionally successful; she is a mother of two as well. We ask her how she manages and maintains a balance in her life. She says smiling: “I don’t believe in balance. It’s just that some days are harder than other days, whether it is at home, or work, or at school or the playground. Everything gets under review at the end of the season and we decide what makes us happy and how we can improve ourselves. I give a lot of myself to everything. Practically, this means less sleeping, a lot of effort and studying and loads of love.”

And what she wishes for the future? “More travelling, a willingness to get the ANAMESA concept mobile and more free time with my friends to enjoy this lovely city.”