Giorgos Tsoulis: The Light Taste Of Success

He considers himself a cook rather than a chef. Yorgos Tsoulis is the guy next door who with his natural kindness and honesty has managed to win over both TV audiences and the social media.

Despite the fact that Paris – and the whole of France where he was trained as a cook – is his favourite destination, he says that Egaleo remains the centre of his world. “I could never replace the urban element, the graffiti or the darkness of the Athenian scenery with anything.” And then he goes on saying how he loves all simple things in life.

Shirt G STAR RAW (G STAR RAW, The Mall Athens)
Shirt G STAR RAW (G STAR RAW, The Mall Athens)

During the last two years, Yorgos cooks for TV shows and he‘s building up a fan club of all age groups very fast. He says modestly: “I feel good while on TV because it’s a little surreal. Everyone seems happy and lively, which is very different than the situation in the real world. Behind the cameras I’m very shy and lowkey.” When asked if he is comfortable for being recognisable, he answers: “TV has managed to turn cooking into a trend and us cooks into rock stars. I’m used in being stopped in the street. The greatest compliment is when someone tells me that he tried a recipe I proposed and it was a success.”

He wants to open his own restaurant in a few years – not now as he still considers himself an apprentice. This will definitely be a concept restaurant, whether it is a tiny place or a street food restaurant. While enjoying a Heineken Light, he says that he experiments with light recipes too as a light way of cooking can bring the flavour out of every ingredient. On asking if he’s ever done anything extreme for love, he says laughing that he’s on the shy-side “No, I’ve never given in to flirting through social media. I’m in a happy relationship and I hope that one day I’ll have a family just like the one I grew up in.”