The XX Band

the xx

It was right in the middle of last summer when the hype for an album that didnt even exist yet was out of control. It was all about four kids from the U.K and their band, XX who’s  authentic trip-hop/Goth/post punk influenced sound managed to monopolize every chart and sell out their entire scheduled fall tour.

How did the name eventually come up?
The name came before the music initially; the main incentive for choosing it was aesthetical. We liked the letter x, it was quite a strong image. Thinking ahead of ourselves the name had a lot of possibilities in artwork. We also like the ambiguity to the name, there’s room for everyone’s personal interpretation of it, whether it be the xx chromosome, or kiss kiss etc.

Was it difficult to manage writing and producing your music while studying?
While we were studying it was more of just a hobby, we were gigging on the weekends and rehearsing and writing after and in-between classes mostly. Though while we were doing both at the same time, I think it did make us really realize that our hearts lay in music.

Do you consider yourselves “dark” and mellow? I am referring to both your sound and your looks?

I think it’s definitely fair to say we’re mellow people, which I do think reflects in our music. We can also can be quite dark at times which I am sure is reflected in the colour scheme of our wardrobes.

Even before the album came out, you had a huge hype. Did that scare you?

We only started properly doing interviews once we’d finished the album and had an album we were proud of. This meant we didn’t have to work under any pressure and allowed us to do it all in our own time without any sort of deadline. Luckily since the album has come out in the UK, we haven’t had too much time to take in all that’s happening and being said. It’s worked out well that way, I might freak out a bit if we did.

What is your connection with fashion in general?
There is a definite colour scheme but I wouldn’t call us Goth. We’re big fans of charity shops; we recently discovered the joys of these stores on our last visit to New York.

The music scene now is full of nu-hippie, dance electro beats and rock guitars. Where does your sound fit? Do you think this mellow style of yours could start a new scene? I don’t think we’ve ever felt like part of a scene. I can’t recognize any strong scenes in London at the moment, whereas in past years there have been very identifiable ones like Nu-Rave. I quite the lack of a scene, it has left people to think for themselves a bit more.

(XX’s first album titled «The XX» is out now from Sony Music)