Julian Zigerli

julian zigerli

His A/W13 collection “Happy Tears” was presented on Berlin Fashion Week few days ago. Before that, Julian Zigerli talked to OZON RAW magazine about his trademark pieces and his impression-so far-on the fashion industry.

You just came back from Paris where your fashion film SS13 ‘My daddy was a military pilot’ took part in Diane Pernet’s ASVOF festival. How was it?

Τo have your baby shown at Centre Pompidou for 3 days is pretty much insane! But what gave us way more pleasure is the actual feedback from the world. The movie, the song, the dancers and choreography was all put together with a certain sensitivity. So it’s good to feel something coming back to you in return when you give heart to something.

You have established your designer profile through your innovative Swiss textiles, trademark patterns and discreet sporty element.Would you tell us about those choices?

Right exactly, the starting signal for julian zigerli as brand was pretty much founded upon those things. It worked so well and it interested me the most, therefore became clear that this would be the red thread for the line. It’s the functionality combined with high quality fabrics, the prints that tell their own story and the sportiness of daily life that makes it unique and understandable by everyone. I find it great fun the idea of having one piece of clothing which you can go to the opera in, go hiking, sleep in it. A buddy for everyone. Watching closely and constantly your work, I came to notice there is always your very personal stamp on your collections. It takes over your designs in an exciting and absolute way. What I mean with that is that your stuff couldn’t have been designed by any other that You.

Do you think that this may be the key to your fast growing success?

That is very lovely pointed out by you. thanks! <3 I am quite modest and I believe that success has a lot to do with luck. But of course I put my hard work into creating whole worlds around a collection which are based on my interests and feelings. It is a pretty personal work, but since my main direction and motives come out positively, I am not afraid to share those worlds. Being true to yourself and honest to the rest leads up to good things.

Your stockists spread from far eastern capitals like Tokyo, Seoul and Hong-Kong to great old Paris, Milan and Antwerp to name but a few. So… European – Asian fashion market: we want your crash test.

When looking at the complete, full styled outfits one would think this would only work in Asia but, god bless Europe – we’re not that sleepy and boring. Color, prints and multi functionality works for Europeans too. In close up these pieces work even for a teacher, a sport buddy or a banker. You gotta appreciate the uniqueness, quality and love behind the product. Then you’re ready for a Zigerli!

After graduating from the design department from prestigious UdK in Berlin you chose to go back to your Swiss base aka Zurich, stereotypically known for its Universities, bankers, expensive suits and its art market. What’s truth about this city after all? Is it just “too cool for being cool”?

I wasn’t actually planning to go back there and stay. Once you enjoy Berlin as much as I did you don’t really think of your homeland anymore. But after all I had to realize that this is still my home and it’s the place where most of my beloved ones are living. They provide me with their surrounding and support that I need in order to work. Trust me, Zurich is definitely not “too cool for being cool”.It’s just a tiny city but still I gotta say, every time that I am back from Paris, Berlin, London or wherever I get involved work-wise, Zurich blows my mind again. There is a lot going on, people are great. There is no boredom and laziness here. And once you’ve seen it all, there is always the nature!

Υou have travelled a lot, presented internationally, had your design worn by famous bloggers, got nominated for the ‘ Swiss Design Price’ and ultimately won the ‘ Federal Design Prize Switzerland’. What’s the highlight?

Still to come. Exciting stuff happens all the time and it doesn’t stop. Doing what I love the most and always plan new adventures is a highlight for itself.


by Joanna Papazoglou/source: OZON RAW is#98