Sophie Van Der Perre

by Maria Passarivaki/source: OZON RAW is#98

sophie van der perre ozon raw issue 98

Beautiful raw images with a 60’s freshness. Sophie Van Der Perre is an upcoming photographer, who was born in 1987 in Belgium. At the moment she shoots with film exploring the realms of Amsterdam. Right after she finished with her studies, she interned at Ryan McGinley. Sophie ,focuses on young women to uncover the stereotypical lolitas, who unconsciously turn into femme fatales, for the sake of the lens.

How do you want to present your photography?

Ι try to evoke pureness, freedom and nostalgia. Which is amplified by the use of analog cameras and polaroids. My photography often reflects my dreams and emotions.

What was influential to you growing up, visually?

My group of friends have always inspired me visually. I have an amazing group of talented but crazy and beautiful friends who all have a strong charisma. We ’re all very into house music and it took me to places I never thought I’d go. Parties on the roof, in the woods, in caves… It was very mysterious and it still can be.

Monochrome or colorful pics and why?

I love both for different occasions. With colour it’s nice to give an atmosphere. B&W is very powerfull for capturing emotions. Colour is more dreamy, B&W gives more reality. For fashion I always prefer colour.

Carefree girls lounging on a natural landscape seems to be the scenography of your preferance – or the kind of Lolita fantasy – is there anything else that inspires you?

I get very inspired by poetry, songs, old houses, environments, atmospheres, people’s personalities. Old cassette tapes, old phones, type machines, old family photos, actually everything that brings me back in time. I’m very nostalgic.

What else we would be surprised to find that you like?

I’m really in to spirituality and tarot readings.

What kind of camera takes these dreamy and nostalgic pictures?

Canon FTB, Nikon F3, Hasselblad, Polaroid, Nikon D90, Olympus mju1

What is your dream project & have you been working on something lately?

I’m working on a project that will be shown in FOAM museum in Amsterdam. The project is called MOAM and is curated by Martijn Nekoui. He chose 15 photographers in Amsterdam to translate a photo of a well-know dutch photographer in to the photographers vision. I’m translating an image of Kate Moss shot by Inez Van Lamsweerde. This is allready a dream for me to be selected with so much talented photographers, and to be exhibited in FOAM during 3 months.

Are there any things that you are obsessed with right now?

Food, always with food. Especially the dutch bitterbals. Defenitely worth the try if you visit the country.

Have you ever been disappointed by anything you have shot?

Yes I have. And it’s a terrible feeling but you always know already when you’ve shot it. But especially when you shoot analogue it’s always a surprise. Mostly when this happens, it’s because of the chemistry that didn’t feel right on the shoot between the person photographed and myself.