Kid Moxie for OZON Raw: “We’re fine at 111bpm”

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Kid Moxie by Sofia Gaafar

Kid Moxie a.k.a Elena Charbila, composes, produces, sings and acts. She lives on the west coast of the United States, in the city of angels and on 11.11 she’s releasing her new album titled “1888“. A charming individual, she’d rather regret something she’s done, that something she hasn’t. We sat down for a chat with her, after being treated to her latest single “Lacuna”.

#1. What’s your favorite type of electronic music? What’s your heart’s bpm rate?
It changes over time, but I would say Giorgio Moroder’s disco sound, the trip hop stylings of Burial and Massive Attack and the poppy nostalgia of the Pet Shop Boys, Yazoo and Erasure, are things I come back to often. I’d say that we’re fine at 111 bpm! I was looking at an old vinyl cut of Domino Dancing that I own and I’d noted 111 bpm on it. Itwas from back in the day when I was spinning vinyl.

#2. How did Kid Moxie come about?
It started out in east LA about six years ago, in the living room of the house I used to share with a friend, who played violin in the Pasadena orchestra. We started work on the first few tracks there.

#3. What are you working on at the moment?
I’m working on my second album entitled “1888”, that’s coming out on 11/11. It’s something I’ve been working on for about three years and I’m very proud of some of the people I’ve collaborated with during its production. My good friend Gaslamp Killer and famous composer Angel Badalamenti, who has worked extensively with David Lynch have both contributed, while there have also been some remixes by Maps (Mute) and my favorite composer Clint Mansell (Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream, Fountain). If I had to describe my latest work with two words, I’d say it was “cinematic pop”. At the same time, I’m back in LA, in order to take part in two films.

#4. There’s a song of yours called “Sex is better in New York”. Is that the best way to get to things over there?
That track has never officially been released, it was a collaboration of mine with my good friend SerafimTsotsonis and the title came about after I asked myself this question: “What title would make you immediately want to buy a record?”

#5. Could you name a couple of your favorite producers?
SerafimTsotsonis is in my opinion the most talented and the most unique producer and composer in Greece right now. His main goal is to build an atmosphere around each of his compositions and he always manages to build this world around the tracks he works on. I’m also a big fan of Brian Eno and Mark Ronson.

#6. Who would you like to work with and still haven’t had the chance to?
I have many unfulfilled musical dreams! Working with Giorgio Moroder would surely be an incredible experience and it would also be great to work with Burial, Trentemoller and Goldfrapp.

#7. What’s a piece of wisdom that you have spinning around in your head? Where did you read it, see it, or hear it?
A piece of wisdom that I can’t recall where I picked up, but one that has been following me for years is this: “it’s best to regret something you’ve done, than something you haven’t”. It helps me get past my moments of cowardice.

#8. If you had to pick out a standout track from your output so far, which would it be? When did you first hum its tune, before heading to the studio to put it down?
I don’t think I can be very objective with it, but I guess my latest single “Lacuna”. I recall my good friend Jonny Naylor (who I wrote the track with) playing it for me for the first time and the lyrics coming so quickly. I instantly wrote down the first lyric that was “I think about it all the time”. This track opened up a new door inside me and we based the entire album on it.

#9. What excites you most about acting?
The intense temporary bond and this kind of conspiratory feeling that you get with the other actors.

Interview by Dimitris Kousoulas, Photos by Sofia Gaafar

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Kid Moxie by Malktime Photography


kid moxie
Kid Moxie by Sofia Gaafar