Plastic Flowers interviewed for Ozon Raw

kmnbThe Plastic Flowers are a pop duo from Thessaloniki. They started out as a solo project, but have morphed into a pop duo since 2011. Their sound leans on pop, but takes in elements of electro, ambient and lo-fi. They’ve travelled throughout Europe and the States and find themselves in a constant state of evolution. Their debut LP Evergreen hits shelves on the 3rd of March, through Crash Symbols (USA) and Inner Ear Records (GR), on vinyl, cd and cassette.

Who are the Plastic Flowers? 

George and Aggelos, two friends from highschool and university students for a little while longer.

How did the name come about?

From the Wake song of the same name. It kind of just came about, since back then PF was just a solo project with no time constraints or pressures. The project had to have a name and it seemed ideal.

How have you evolved in the three years we’ve known you as a duet?

The band was a solo project for a long time, so it’s fair to say that our style has changed significantly from 2011-2012. Me moved towards more ambient and pop paths and started to use different equipment too.

What countries have you travelled to? Mainly Northern and Central Europe and North America. We have a tour coming up next April which will take us to countries such as Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and Italy.

What surprised you most during your visits to Austin, Portugal and the States in general?

I think just the feedback from the people, which was amazingly unique, compared to what we had experienced up to that point. We were happy to be in such warm countries, in as much as the crowd reception was concerned. They already kind of knew us in many places where we played, so maybe that was our highlight, especially when you come into contact with demanding crowds.

How does it feel to get such positive feedback from abroad, fom people such as Gareth Ware and outlets such as BBC Radio 6 and Vice Magazine?

Aggelos: It’s good to hear obviously and it makes us feel proud. I think what’s most important is to continue our evolution and not rest on our laurels, which are not a given anyway. It’s a long hard road we have in front of us and the more we travel on it, the more people will expect from us.

What does Evergreen represent for you? What can we expect to hear in your debut album?

Evergreen is an album of eleven songs, which were written during a tough time, after returning from our tour of the States. It’s an album of change and it’s mostly based on George’s inspiration. Evergreen refers to someone who never grows old, who is untouched by the passage of time and retains al of his freshness and vitality. The record is quite moody as a result, though we did try to put as many of our influences as we could in it. There also two collaborations on there, with Keep Shelly in Athens and Ed Askew.