Living in a time when a new artist can be old news within the space of a few months, it seems that these words concerning multitalented artist Kaytranada, are already overdue. Still, better late than never, seeing as Canadian beat maker Kay Celestin definitely warrants more than a passing mention. Kaytranada is the definition of a bedroom DJ success story. Starting out by floating his tracks through official.fm and soundcloud, Celestin quickly turned heads with his 90s r&b and disco house versions of Janet Jackson’s “That’s the way love goes” and Modjo’s seminal “Lady”, while his MC’ing didn’t go unnoticed either. Eventually, he managed to break through in 2013, when his hip-hop and funk stylings, paired with trap-rave elements, draw focus from the other side of the Atlantic. He finds that his refined sound can be compatible both with the demanding line ups of some of the best European parties, as well with crowds that don’t quite grasp the notion of “swag”. So, if 2013 was his breakthrough year, then by all accounts 2014 should be the year that sees Kaytranada truly establish himself. Not that he seems to be in too much of a hurry. Besides, you don’t come across too many 21 year olds that have managed to achieve so much, so quickly.

Text:Vagelis Kamarakis