SEM: On her belief in perfect life

“It’s Sunday night and I’m listening to “Perfect Life” by Steven Wilson. And I wonder: what is the meaning of perfect life; how it’s defined and why we keep on searching for it? Or at least, why am I keep on searching?

Spontaneously, I think of a stress-free life in nature, away from the city buzz. There, I will need only the basics. In an attempt to define “basics” I think of my piano and music. These are my whole life. Companionship is certainly next in line. Me and the love of my life – I doubt he will be like any of these men on the big screen we fall for – and food, love, care and a home to house this perfect life. But how long can happiness last? I, only want to live my dream anyhow, in any place, whether it’s within this ideal situationor in this chaotic city, its bustling streets and bars, talking to strangers for hours, learning about their most secret and crazy stories. And then through travelling, discovering littleby little the whole world. And all these while playing and composing my music until the day I die. Then, reality strikes me and I realize the obvious; even if there’s a definition, in fact, there’s no perfect life. Individually we can approach it to some extent. It’s my belief that we should not stop trying. It’s the only way in order to be able to feel good about ourselves; we only live once after all.”

Poppy Semerlioglou, a.k.a SEM, could be your friend. At the age of 24, she is a teacher, musician, pianist, a rather moody person and a romantic. To make ends meet, she works at the Forever 21 department store, while the rest of the time she’s losing herself in her music and keyboards. In 2017, her first EP “Natural” was released. She presented it on the stage of Six Dogs. Currently, she’s working on her second album which includes new music and her own vocals. At the moment, she’s concerned about the music arrangement of her new EP and her future as an artist. Our next meeting will be at Six Dogs on April 25th.

Photos: Christos Tzimas

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