Streetgeist and Alkistis Tsitouri: An American dream


Streetgeist is the street style blog child of Alkistis Tsitouri. A talented photographer who left Greece to follow the love of her life and her American dream. She did it. She leads a happy married life and owns one of the most popular street style photography blogs in the world.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

From the world around me!

How do you choose who to photograph?

I don’t have specific rules, it just depends on who I like at the time.

What led you to Los Angeles?

It’s a love story. It started out as a long distance relationship, loads of travelling and ended up in a happy wedding.

Do you notice a lot of differences between how Athens and Los Angeles understand fashion and style?

I don’t think people understand fashion and style differently anymore. What is different is climate and the needs of each city. That’s the main difference I’ve noticed. The weather is rarely cold in L.A. for example, so you don’t often see people in winter clothing here.

Street style has really grown in stature, do you think designers are inspired by street style, or is it the other way around?

I’m sure it goes both ways.

Do you think it’s good or bad that what happens outside the fashion week shows, has become more important than what happens inside them?

I don’t think it’s bad. It’s just a natural progression.

Do you follow other blogs?

Of course! My two favorite ones are Urban Fieldnotes and Hel Looks.

Is there a style that you can never say no to and always want to photograph?

There are times when I’ve stopped and talked to someone without even thinking about liking their style. But that happens to me with a variety of styles. I think I’m mostly drawn to peoples self-confidence.

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