Bruzzoni: the everyday luxury that will make you smile

What happens when Italian design meets Scandinavian? The answer to that question comes in the most elegant of ways from the Swedish brand Bruzzoni which, as Italian as the name may sound, is minimalistic in its core and so are the products it designs. With the clear purpose to enter with a bang into the “luxury meets mass market design” industry, the brand produced a series of high-quality electronic devices destined to elevate our daily morning routine.


Their first, very successful, venture is the incredible BRUZZONI electric toothbrush that we received a few weeks ago, here at our Ozon offices. The packaging as well as the materials it is made of, remit the essence of a well-crafted design object with a strong luxurious identity. It comes in two colours, white with silver metallic details and black with rose gold finishings. Truth be told, it is hard to choose which is prettier. Besides, Krister Mossberg (one of the two co-founders of Bruzzoni) who is of Greek descent, had the desire to eliminate the question “why so ugly” each time he looked at a toothbrush.


We have been using the Bruzzoni toothbrush every day for two weeks now, and we have come to the conclusion, that it is the best the market has to offer at the moment. Visually it is undoubtedly a masterpiece. But it is very efficient as well. By the simple press of a button, which is the only button, the toothbrush turning 8800 times per minute, does the work for you.

It is programmed so that each brushing “session” lasts two minutes and it is split into four sub-periods corresponding to the four sections of the denture (top and bottom right and top and bottom left). This automated mechanism lets us spend the required time brushing our teeth for an ideal dental care without the hassle of measuring time.


The Bruzzoni toothbrush comes with one cable for its charging base (to connect the base with an electric outlet). You can also charge it via USB, by plugging it to your computer. The battery when fully charged can last for 10 days if you brush your teeth twice daily, which is ideal for all the travellers out there.

The price point for the Bruzzoni toothbrush starts at 148 euros confirming that luxury can be affordable.