The first restaurant you can order via iPad in New York City


De Santos, a high-end Italian restaurant in New York City’s West Village, is the first of its kind to rely completely on ipads for taking orders, sending them wirelessly to the kitchen, and paying for the bill via a customized point-of-sale system. Instead of menus, waiters bring you iPad whereas instead of bulky credit card machines, simply swipe it on Square! The well-known restaurant which was once the favorite place of legendary New York rockers, writers, and artists such as Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Edward Albee and Jean Michel Basquiat claims that, despite the cost of this new attempt, the new system will save them money by streamlining its ordering system. At the same time, it will attract new and hip customers because, as its owner Sebastian Gonella says, “Who doesn’t like an iPad? They go nuts!”. Now that Steve Jobs quit, he will have plenty of free time as to enjoy his meal in a place that depends completely on his creation!