A teenager’s journal from quarantined New York

Already since last week, New York’s authorities have been advising that people should stay at home, and since last Friday, the 20th of March, citizens there have been experiencing pretty much what people in Greece and in other countries are going through: 100 percent of non-essential work forces are now required to stay home and non-essential gatherings are banned, in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Alexander, 13, a New Yorker and a fan of Ozon, decided to record the new reality of his everyday life and to share it with us.

Today is day 3 of staying home. I get to go out every day for 1 hour – 3 hours. I go for walks in the park. New York City is empty. There are at least 50% less people than normal. It’s like there’s apocalypse and everyone is trapped in their home. I feel like I’m cooped up into a factory farm and can’t leave. It has come to the point where watching Netflix or talking to my friends via FaceTime is boring. It feels repetitive. In a nutshell, I feel as if I am isolated and I’m suffering.

Today is my fourth day of Isolation. Yesterday I went for a walk in the park again. It was a nice sunny day out, nevertheless, like yesterday, it was empty. While walking in the park people stared at me. I think this was the case because I wasn’t wearing any sort of protection which other people were wearing. Overall, though, it wasn’t as scary and empty as it was in the beginning. It feels like this thing isn’t real and I probably have it by now.

Today is my fifth day of Isolation. I’ ve come to terms with it. I sleep for around 10 hours every day, then call my friend and watch Netflix. Going outside is starting to feel scary. There is almost nobody outside. Yesterday I stayed home almost all day and was super relaxed. I’ m scared that when I get stuck in here for too long I’ m going to go insane.

I went out for a walk today. It’s pretty much the same thing as what happened yesterday. I am exhausted and aching for some Chipotle.