Eats my Eye for OzonSound

OzonSound hosts something new born and hosted between Greece and Germany, this week. Something strange and special-maybe kind of  disturbed. Stephen aka Eats my Eye with his music project attempts to mix electronic sounds of folk / ethnic music and cult dialogues. Sometimes the outcome is rather provocative. Its purpose is not to insult any morals or offend someone but to highlight everyday moments and make fun of incidents  that have occurred to most of us. Through his music, one can lose track of time and give his own meaning to the sounds that are meant to trigger memories. The noise translates into feelings and thoughts that oscillate between sense and nonsense. Love, pain, quarrel, words of love, anger, relaxation, pleasure. Certainly his work does not escape our attention. But what does Eats my Eye, himself have to say?

“I’m 29. I have studied decorating and film direction by since 2008 I’m working on music. Mostly electronica. I’m not very sociable. From a very young age, while still living in my village I liked to isolate. I built “houses” in various places, even inside my own home, always having a cassette player around… at times listening to the echo of a folk marriage somehow fading in background …!

At the age of ten,  my family and I moved to Cologne. In my twenties I moved back to Athens til ’08 when I decided to return to Berlin, Germany. I have a fixation with electronica, but I like all kinds of music. I want to try new things. Experimental. I play intense and atmospheric tracks trying to generate almost automatically, weird or not so weird stories as music develops through my project.

There’s usually a spontaneous, dialogue with all the different sounds and myself while I create. I’m more than often surprised by the outcome myself. I love the tracks I chose to mix for OZON. I will not mention titles. You cannot find them in this form anywhere else other than this particular OZON soundcast!
Thanks and enjoy! ”