Roskilde Festival 2015: Here we come!


Once again, we join the crowds at Roskilde Festival to provide you, the readers of Ozon magazine, with the latest news on concerts, events, fashion and art. Straight from the largest festival in Northern Europe, we hope to give you a hint of the Orange feeling.

We will provide you with the latest news and happenings throughout Roskilde Festival 2015. And who are we?

Nanna Rosenfeldt
This year is my third year reporting for Ozon magazine at Roskilde Festival and it is always a great pleasure. My first time at the festival was in 2002, with a pause of two years, this year will be my tenth anniversary. What I love most about Roskilde, is the liberation to be and act without any constrains. For one week you can forget all your troubles and join a dream.



Sarah Borup
I was 16 when I had my first Roskilde experience and now, 12 years after, it is still an addiction of mine. I’m a visual designer and work with various media. Roskilde is a continuous source of inspiration to me, both visually, musically, with conceptual events, exotic food experiences and when the weather is treating us, even the fashion monsters come crawling out. Roskilde should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list, so if you haven’t been – don’t miss this year’s music must-see: Future Brown.

Kristian Haarløv
Steady voluntary, musician or simple guest for the last consecutive 19 years, Kristian Haarløv is a true regular of the Roskilde Festival. Kristian grew up in the house where much of former Roskilde stages Ballroom(world music) and Cabaret(extreme theater and acts) were planned.
At home in Vesterbro, Copenhagen he works as a chef at the e(xc)lusive Restaurant Skeletske.

XO Nanna, Sarah & Kristian