Roskilde Festival 2015: Many Different Vibes Put Together

young dinosaur

The Danish band Young Dinosaur debuted at Roskilde festival this year, at the stage Roskilde Rising. The band consists of five really good friends. Young Dinosaur is playing well-written pop tunes and manages to combine naivety, youthfulness, familiarity and guitar chords. Their sound has been compared to The Zombies and The Flaming Lips. Their first album, titled “To Be A Hero” was released this spring. We had a chat with the boys from Young Dinosaur about their music and relationship to The Roskilde festival.

#1. What is your relationship to the festival?
3 of us have never been there before, so we are exited.

#2. How would you describe the Young Dinosaur universe?
Quite friendly, loud & many different vibes put together in one.

#3. How do you get inspired when you create music?
By eating healthy.

#4. Why did Young Dinosaur become your band name?
We have no fucking idea.

#5. Your album from 2014 “To Be A Hero” makes me wonder, do you any heroes?
Yeah, a lot. Gandhi, Tordenskjold, Jens Ramon, Nicola Tesla, Audrey Hepburn, Tina Weymouth, Martin Luther King, Miley Cyrus, M.I.A., Mr. Sam & many more.

#6. Reading about you music I came across words like – story-telling, enthusiasm and friendship. How does these words relate to how do you see yourself as a band?
We have always known each other. We are really enthusiastic about playing live, so we spent a lot of time rehearsing and jamming complex, weird stuff which we never use for anything.

#7. Which concert do you personally look forward to experience at the festival?
Die Antwoord, Goat, Gooms, Hukaos, Waldo & Marsha, St. Vincent

#8. Do you have a Roskilde festival anecdote you would like to share?
I once saw a guy, being intoxicated in one way or another, picking up a shit from the ground, put it in the mouth and started running around, dancing.

#9. What is the future relation between you and the Roskilde festival?
Hopefully our ways will cross again.

Listen more of Young Dinosaur here.

XO Nanna, Sarah and Kristian