Roskilde Festival 2015: Real Feelings


The Icelandic group Young Karin is a combination of Logi Stefánsson (of Retro Stefson) and talented singer Karin Sveinsdótti. Their sound is a mix of dreamy electro-pop and hip hop influenced by a breath of fresh, Icelandic air.

We had a chat with Young Karin, about their concert on the Apollo Countdown Scene at Roskilde Festival.

#1. Are you looking forward to playing at the Roskilde festival this year?
Yeah of course, this is one of those festivals everybody wants to play at.

#2. What is your relationship with the festival?
Well, I’m not a big camper but a fan of music so I decided to wait until I got booked to play to come to the festival.


#3. How would you describe the Young Karin universe?
We’re still moulding it. The motifs are getting more clear with the new EP. It’s not about something glamorous or beautiful. It’s more about real feelings. Grit. Not having money. Realising that each and everyone on the planet have their own issues. Own sorrow. But that’s kind of beautiful in its own way.

#4. Your music has a driven r’n’b vibe to it. However there’s a certain vast heartbreak to it. How and where do you get inspired when you create music?
Our influences are r’n’b, especially the new wave of artists that brought dead honest lyrics to the table. Real feelings are poetic, and therefore are the driving point in our lyrics.
“Send it up, texting her like ‘need you now’. I feel at home when you’re close, moaning loud.”

#5. You’re starring in it! What is this youtube phenomenon Les Fréres Stefson?
LFS is a record company made for the new times. We produce TV series, build up artists, release mixtapes, do music videos. We’re doing a bunch of cool shit now and in the future.

#6. Seems from your facebook page as if there’s an EP coming out soon. Any news on that?
Our EP PYK is coming out next week and it’s a pretty special release. It comes in physical copies as a zine. And we shot a music video that comes out the same day.

#7. Which concert do you personally look forward to experience at the festival?
ILoveMakonnen, Die Antwoord, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick and DJ Mustard should all be fun.

#8. What is the future relation between you and the Roskilde festival?
I hope we come back to play. But first we’ll se how this show goes.

#9. Are you playing any other festivals/concerts abroad this year?
We’re getting offers, but we only want to play shows that feel right. Maybe we’ll be back in Denmark. Not sure.

You can listen more of Young Karin here. XO Nanna, Sarah & Kristrian