Sónar Barcelona presents DESPACIO: A new clubbing experience (video)

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 5.38.12 PM
Sónar Barcelona is proud to present DESPACIO. This is the name of the new clubbing experience of the festival powered by McIntosh. This unique system bears the signature of  LCD Soundsystem’s frontman James Murphy and Tech Mecca’s John Klett, who is one of the best sound engineers.
McIntosh wishes to help preserve, promote and celebrate the tradition of pure live music performances, offering an array of technologies so that the partygoers can experience something much more than a stage spectacle. On the other hand, McIntosh guarantees that it will be a spectacular event since the sound system consists of a floor-standing series of seven giant, 11-foot stacks arranged in a circle – inviting the crowd to indulge themselves in a music experience like no other. Optimal sound quality, enhanced by the truly eclectic music selection of James, David & Stephen –  behind the decks.

We too wish we could immerse in the dark and obscured background of the three daily six-hour sessions (!) that will go from 3:30pm to 9:30pm throughout the festival.Those of you who wish or will be able to attend though, must know that access will be managed on a first-come, first-served basis. You will also need to get yourselves separate tickets for Sonar by Day and Sonar by Night.
The  2-Night Ticket and the Sonar Pass are also available. The Professional Accreditation can be purchased at a reduced price until the 30th of March. So, don’t waist any more time.

Despacio from Radio Soulwax on Vimeo.