The Family and the Land: Sally Man

Sally Mann'Candy Cigarette'

Text: Eleni Malami

Photo: Candy Cigarette, 1989, from Immediate Family © Sally Mann. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery

Sally Mann was introduced back in the 80s with the compelling photographs of her three children, her three intimate heroes. She named the collection Immediate Family and for ten years she documented the process of their growing up in all its reality and immediacy.

The Photographers’ Gallery holds Sally Mann’s first solo exhibition in London demonstrating the inner dialogs of the photographer with her surroundings. A touring exhibition in her universe originally envisioned by the artist herself in collaboration with Hasse Persson, director of the Borås Museum of Modern Art in Sweden. Large greyscale depictions of true senses and procedures in the context of three related thematic concepts – Immediate Family, Deep South and What Remains- outlining the shape of Sally’s life. Her people, her land and the beautifully showcased mortality with her pictures of decomposition compose the natural cycle of life.

The exhibition will be on until the 18th of September. More info @ The Photographer’s Gallery site