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The colour filled Instagram of artist Caterina Theocharidou

When you see Caterina Theocharidou, a.k.a. katetheo79’s profile, you won’t be able to stop scrolling. The colours and minimal yet surreal aesthetic are like a parallel universe where anything is possible. The longer we look at her photographs, the more we want to hang one on our living room wall.

Born in Greece and having studied in Florence, Katerina decided to change from architecture to follow a different path – that of photography. She unleashed her imagination and her creativity and the result was amazing. Her art makes us wonder- how can we see the world through her eyes? What is inside her colourful mind?

What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m really into graphic design. It’s a fresh passion of mine and this intrigues me.

You’ve studied architecture. How come you decided to get involved in photography?

My passion for photography was born from the need to express the way I’m seeing reality and and the people around me. I wanted to find a way to stop time and add to my photographs a lightness and clear lines. I love the minimal style and to me it’s an art form.

Are you working as an architect?

For the past few years I have been living in South Italy because of my partner who I love very much. He is an architect and I work with him if necessary.

Which place was more influencial for your art – Greece or Florence?

I was born and raised in Greece, which is a magical country for me. When I went to study in beautiful Florence it was clear to me that there’s magic everywhere. Different, but still magic. What really influences anyone is where you live and who you’re spending time with.

There are a lot of balloons in your artwork- what does it symbolise?

Balloons are a symbol of lightness and travel. I think that in my past life I was a balloon.

What’s your favorite colour combination?

I love pastels and really bold colours. It’s a weird combination…!

We noticed that you use the hashtag #gay quite often- what is your relationship with the LGBTQI movement?

In my mind it doesn’t matter what you look like or what you do. What really matters is what’s inside you.

What’s the best advice anyone has given to you?

“It’s the ideas that make a photograph special, not the quality of the film. You should interpret beauty as you imagine it.”

What are you working on for the future?

I love surprises. And I hope my future is full of them.




Words by: Maria Datsika