Italy denied Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s request to film inside Colloseum

After filming in the Louvre right next to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, you might have thought the power couple could do anything they wanted – though apparently not. For their last single Apesh*t the couple managed to gain access to all the most famous artworks in the French museum inspiring a Beyoncé tour. Their quest for the most important cultural locations seems to have been cut short.

After requesting to film at Rome’s Colosseum, the 2000 year old Roman arena, their application was denied by the Italian Ministry if Cultural Heritage. Although the reasons seem somewhat banal as the venue was simply already booked for scientist Alberto Angela to do research in.

However this is not the end of The Carter’s quest for filming in the ancient monument, yet another request has been placed but for an undisclosed date. With a bit of luck we should be seeing another iconic video for the next single off their joint Everything is Love album.