Tiger Suit: a Project that Wants to Make You Smile

tiger suit project winnie

Think of the Humans of New York project. Add a tiger suit and here you have Adam Rabinowitz’s project, named Tiger Suit. The 28-year-old photographer wants to add some magic to the lives of everyday people he passes by in the streets, as he thinks that the costume is capable to do so. Once they have agred to wear it, his models can take any pose they want.

“My goal is to have as many people wearing the tiger suit. The simple reason for that is that the person who wears the suit tends to be slightly happier than a minute before he put his feet in it. If it makes them slightly happier it definitely makes me happier. Besides all that, I get to meet some incredible people who choose to wear the suit”.

Besides these small moments are the ones that make each one happy, since there is where real happiness lies!