IdN Magazine: Issue 100

big active for idn 100th issue

Bimonhtly Art & Design magazine IdN (has hit the 100 issue milestone. For its 100th issue IdN has selected  10 renowned creatives to talk about their  views of todays design scene, give advice to young designers and pick out 10 peers whose work they believe deserves attention.

Contributors  include designers and artists like: Antoine+Manuel | Big Active | eBoy | Maurice Broomfield | Jason Brooks | Paul Budnitz | Stanley Donwood | David Dowton | Non-Format | Genevieve Gauckler | Marcus Hofko aka The Rainbowmondey | John Jay | Jeremyville| Peter Kennard | Elisabeth Kopf | Simon Oosterdijk | Tom Sachs | Stefan Segmeister | Peter Stemmer aka Peekasso | Viktor Timofeev

Link: IdN Magazine Site

eboy for IdN 100th issue

Antoine + Manuel for IdN 100th Issue